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Dangerous goods by air is used as an aircraft or other modes of transport aircraft carrier, also known as air transport, referred to by air. Air with its fast, safe, punctual ultra-efficient win a large market, greatly reducing the delivery time for the logistics supply chain to accelerate cash flow and circulation plays a great motivational. Compared to shipping, the cost of air transport is relatively higher, so the choice is generally more urgently air cargo, sea or road and air transport can not meet the selection case of customer requirements. In the transport of dangerous goods is accounted for the majority.


Can undertake 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 class of dangerous goods by air. Familiar with the airline booking dangerous goods requirements and processes, with a number of airlines (EK, MU, CX, LH, KL, AF, FM, CA, etc.) booking channels
To undertake various global chemicals, dangerous goods transport.

Dangerous goods packaging solutions
Packing group will be based on the situation of the goods, according to the IATA DGR made in line with the requirements of the air transport packaging solutions;

Dangerous goods declaration
The operator has a China Airlines Association ITAT operator of dangerous goods issued by a certificate issued by IATA and IATA Dangerous Goods Certificate

Keep pushing dangerous goods
Can provide 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 dangerous goods storage and built-in service

Dangerous goods packaging material provides
The company can provide all kinds of boxes, barrels, cans, bags of UN packaging. And a variety of labels and other packaging used auxiliary

Doing some dangerous goods identification

Provide the dangerous goods and non dangerous goods appraisal documents

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