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JMD INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD is by the Ministry of Commerce and the Shenzhen Industrial and Commercial Administration formally approved an international freight forwarding company, mainly specializing in the provision of international air transport, shipping, customs declaration, inspection, packaging, land transportation, warehousing, international courier, etc. One-stop service international logistics enterprises. JMD INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD, specializing in the transport of dangerous goods for 12 years!


Undertake 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 class international maritime transport of dangerous goods
Especially in operation 2.3 class 6.1 class virulent, 4.1 class, high class 5.2 dangerous goods has extensive operational experience;
Container Reinforcement
We master tape and polyester fiber reinforcement technology TY-2000. To ensure that the container cargo will not shift during transport. Reduce transportation risks.;
Maritime Dangerous Goods declaration
We have a dangerous goods declaration and the Packers staff qualifications Maritime Bureau issued regularly attend training to update their knowledge of dangerous goods annually Maritime Bureau organized by the Maritime Administration to understand the job requirements.
Stockpiling of dangerous goods
In Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta can provide 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 dangerous goods storage and built-in service
Dangerous goods declaration
Companies with a person responsible for the audit of dangerous goods declaration ago, early prevention, to reduce the risk of customs clearance. Encounter any problems in the process of declaration, the first time there is someone to make a professional explanation for customs.
Overseas delivery of dangerous goods
We are wca members in more than 300 overseas agents have been working in the most dangerous countries in the world can provide the DDU and DDP service.
Dangerous Goods Advisory
Customers such as dangerous goods can not confirm the relevant information, provide description of your products, our company will help the agency confirm whether the identification of dangerous goods and the relevant UN NO., CALSS, PG and transport commentary in accordance with IMDG requirements.
Dangerous Goods Trailer
Fully qualified professional dangerous goods transport vehicles, professional transport staff, can provide 2-9 classes of dangerous goods nationwide door to door service.

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