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1, the dangerous goods declaration maritime, air and declare, etc;

JMD INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD has obtained a professional shipping booking operators and maritime dangerous goods declaration and monitoring staff member. To provide professional logistics services for the guests of dangerous goods. Provide the most efficient service in terms of operation, documentation, inspection declaration, etc. Regular and customer collaboration export hand sanitizer, air fresheners, ribbons, lithium hydroxide, two ammonia ethanol, pesticides, Body Lotion, resins, uprising, aerosols, mold release agents, fluoride, sulfate, nail polish, chillers, mothballs, paint, refrigerator, matches, table tennis, paint, chlorine, lithium batteries, polystyrene, cleaning agents, propane, dusting agents, ammonia, adhesives, silane, barium carbonate, manganese sulfate, perfume, paint, spray snow, nickel hydrogen batteries, lead-acid batteries and other types of dangerous goods ......


2, dangerous goods import and export customs declaration, inspection and so on;

JMD is an international freight company, focused on transport of dangerous goods for 12 years. China''''s import and export of dangerous goods in the transport sector to roll twelve years, for all kinds of dangerous goods imports at trial, the record imports, import customs clearance, import transport fingertips.

3, and do the appraisal report, permits and other dangerous packages apply;

JMD provide the appraisal report dangerous goods, dangerous goods of all kinds of explosive, flammable, oxidizing, toxic, and so do a full appraisal, and then issue a report to provide more convenient bedding for late transport;

4, offers a full UN cartons, UN barrels, custom foam box, danger mark, filling adsorption, reinforcement;

Have a dangerous goods types of packaging products, you can choose the most suitable for your product packaging materials, we also happy to provide you with the best products!

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