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FBA has always been a concern for many cross-border e-commerce sellers. In the current Amazon site, the Amazon in Japan is more concerned, but the way in which the Amazon Amazon FBA takes is a problem tangled up by many friends. Unfamiliarity and unfamiliarity are the major issues. The problem:

I. Japan Amazon Warehouse Address:

1. Kawagoe FC Saitama Prefecture 1-1, Nantai, Kawagoe-shi

2. Kawashima FC, Saitama-eup, 2-1-1 2F, Kawasaki-cho, Shichi-gun

3. 堺FC 138-7, Chikyu Hachiman-cho, Gifu-ku, Osaka, Japan

4. Daito FC 2-1-1, Green Hills, Daito-shi, Osaka Prefecture

5. Tosu FC 3-3-1, Yayoi Ekiyama, Tosu-shi, Saga

6. Odawara FC Kanagawa Prefecture 4-5-1, Odawara-shi, Omachi

7. Ichikawa FC 2-13-1, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture

8. Yachiyo FC Chiba 県 Yachiyo City Takano 2036

9. Tajimi FC FC 岐阜県 Xujiu City, Tajimi-shi 10-6

Second, Japan's Amazon FBA costs include?

The FBA fee is the total of storage charges and shipping charges (delivery operation fee and weight processing fee).

1 Storage fee: Calculate the volume based on the size of all the products stored in the Amazon operation center and calculate the storage space actually occupied by the storage center in the operation center every day. On a monthly basis, the inventory storage fee is only charged for the space actually occupied.

2 Delivery fee: The “delivery operation fee” generated when goods are packaged and bundled after receipt of the order, and the “weight handling fee” generated when the goods are sent to the buyer.

Third, the Japanese FBA into the Amazon warehouse notes:

(1) The seller's goods entering the amazon warehouse need to undertake and solve all the transportation links, such as: export declaration, customs clearance of the target country, tariff of the destination country, and so on. Amazon will not provide any logistics service before receiving the goods. It will not receive any calls, will not coordinate with the customs, and will not admit that he has anything to do with the goods (the goods sent by the seller to the FBA are handed over to the FBA. It is not possible to generate any fees at the time. At the same time, the recipient cannot directly write amazon, and generally write the sender).

(2) Confirm that the confirmed shipment quantity is the same as the online shipment quantity.

(3) There are about five types of labels on Japanese amazon FBA goods:

   1 single product label;

   2 outer box amazon FBA label;

   3 attribution country label;

   4 customs clearance information label;

   5 logistics carrier label.

  Be sure to carefully check the relevant information. Labels should be affixed to obvious, non-abrasive areas. Wrong labels and old labels must be torn and covered.

(4) Printing of labels: The printer must use industrial-grade laser printers, industrial-grade thermal printers (disable inkjet printers). The print effect is set to "None". The printed bar code must be complete, clear, hard to wear, and non-serrated. The label material is recommended to use high-quality stickers, coated paper.

(5) The most important of the above labels is the amazon FBA label on the outer box. To avoid insult, wear, and loss, we attach duplicate amazon FBA labels on each outer box.

(6) Paste the label: The label must be absolutely flat. The label of the outer box shall be stuck on the upper part of the outer box and the blank space on the side.

Fourth, the Japanese FBA head clearance requirements:

(1) Before sending the goods, the sender must coordinate with the importer to clear the goods and sign the receipt so that after the goods arrive at the locality, the customs clearance contactor will cooperate with the service provider or customs clearance agent to handle the clearance of the shipment.

(2) The shipping invoice must indicate the company name, address, specific contact person, contact information (phone, mobile phone and e-mail) of the real importer (buyer or customs agent) - the freight forwarder can provide customs clearance.

Fifth, how to stick to the Japanese Amazon warehouse FBA label?

a: The outer box cannot have a LOGO with brand name;

b: The outer box should be as clean, thick, and of good quality as possible.

c: There must be a product label and a shipment label, otherwise the warehouse cannot receive the goods.

d: Do not remove the label "label: If the seller's own package of goods (such as gifts containing goods, etc.), you need to print this label, posted in the opening / sealing / combination of goods; if not package goods , you do not need this tag.

e: Heavier/Fragile items, the relevant label can be pasted on the outer box, and the necessary stuffing (such as film, etc.) should be inside the box.

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