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Some lithium battery cargo
UPS storage battery UPS storage battery UPS storage battery
UPS storage battery

UPS POWER SUPPLY: generally refers to the need for various types of energy to provide base stations and large outdoor equipment, emergency response, etc. to provide energy

The main products: UPS emergency power supply, mobile base station energy storage cabinets, distributed photovoltaic energy storage lithium battery cabinet, solar energy storage lithium battery system, large mobile storage power station

Features: product transport mode to lithium battery pack, lithium battery module, energy storage system cabinet, body size.

Energy: the range of 100Wh - 100,000Wh sizes

18650 Li-ion battery 18650 Li-ion battery 18650 Li-ion battery
18650 Li-ion battery

18650 lithium battery

18650 means 18 millimeters in diameter and 65 millimeters in length. The battery model is 14500, diameter 14 mm, length 50 mm. General 18650 batteries used in the industry are more civil rarely, common also in the laptop battery and high-end flashlight with more.

18650 is only the size of the battery model, according to the type of battery can be divided into lithium-ion 18650, lithium iron phosphate 18650, nickel-hydrogen 18650 (rare), the common 18650 is lithium-ion.

General configuration

Single nominal voltage is generally: 3.6V or 3.7V

Charging voltage is generally: 4.20V (4.2V-4.3V lithium cobalt oxide)

The minimum discharge termination voltage is generally: 2.75V, lower than the voltage easily lead to a serious decline in battery capacity and even scrap

Maximum charge termination voltage: 4.20V

Diameter: 18 ± 0.2mm

Height: 65 ± 2.0 mm

Capacity: 1000mAh or more, the conventional capacity of 2200mAh-3200mAh, 18650 battery capacity is currently doing the highest is LG, can do 3600mAh

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