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Some lithium battery cargo
Lithium polymer battery Lithium polymer battery Lithium polymer battery
Lithium polymer battery

Lithium polymer battery Lithium battery:

Generally refers to the portable equipment can provide power lithium battery.

The main products: MP3, mobile phones, notebook computers, cameras, wearing equipment lithium batteries, video cameras, small electric tools (such as flashlight), small and medium mobile power;

Features: lithium-ion battery (can be the second charge and discharge);

Energy: lithium battery ≤ 100Wh; lithium batteries ≦ 20Wh

LiFePo4 Battery LiFePo4 Battery LiFePo4 Battery
LiFePo4 Battery

Power equipment Lithium battery: generally refers to the various types of vehicles to provide power and energy, can be recharged lithium battery, energy than mobile power in terms of much larger.

Applicable products and equipment: electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric vehicles, large passenger cars

Features: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack (module) or lithium battery power system

Energy: roughly in the range of 500Wh - 25,000Wh

Other: China Customs Since 2015, the abolition of the two tariff codes:

A.8507600001 - pure electric vehicle or plug - in hybrid vehicles with lithium - ion battery monomer, capacity ≥ 10Ah, specific energy ≥ 110Wh / kg;

B.8507600002 Li-ion battery systems (including battery modules, containers, covers, cooling system management systems, etc.) for pure electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles, specific energy ≥80 Wh / kg;

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